The annual East Coast Maritime Business Summit brings together industry leaders, infrastructure
developers, bureaucrats and practitioners from across pan India to discuss the opportunities
emerging on the East Coast.

This year, we believe will be different for the shipping, ports and logistics sectors. The optimism of the
new government both at the centre and states has paid off as we see the great traction in these three
segments of trade.


Coal imports on the East Coast
The first to strike the pot of gold were the ports with a surge in coal imports. With the ultra mega power
plants dotting the coast, the import of black gold is only set to increase. The widening hinterland of the
coast stretching up to parts of central, western and northern India, thanks to new roads, are a pleasing
sight for the ports on the sunny side of the country. But Odisha has surprised everyone with its initiative,
with its ports leading from the front in development. At last count, there are about 12 inland container
depots coming up in various parts of the eastern state. This is expected to spruce up the manufacturing
and moving sector greatly.


Growth corridors
With Andhra Pradesh inching up every space for more special economic zones, the ports are seen
gearing up to handle large volumes of cargo. Even if a third of the projects planned come to light,
Andhra can regain its position among the largest exporting states in the country. Down South,
Tamil Nadu enjoys the privileges bestowed by the automotive and telecommunications sector with
most of them ramping up their production units. The Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor will only
augment the movement of cargo, enhancing productivity.


So, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Summit. The two day conference will be
conducted in sessions dedicated to various themes benefitting users and providers of services
along the east coast. Each session will take just 90 minutes of your time, but those minutes will be
packed with information on how you can gain tremendously.

We expect the attendance this year to be higher than ever and we expect a supportive contingent
from West Bengal and Odisha as well apart from our friends from down South.

The satisfaction will be unsurpassed and in the course of two days you will learn.

The goal is to advance the understanding of maritime infrastructure issues and facilitate business.

This conference will offer delegates a chance to update and sharpen their knowledge of newly born
Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh, immensely potential Orissa, rich hinterland of Jharkhand,
Chattisgarh and parts of Maharashtra through stimulating intellectual discussions.

The event will also witness a gathering of thought leaders from across India who are engaged in
maritime business, and thereby offer participants great networking opportunities.

Why you should attend ECMBS?

  • Detailed analysis of infrastructure challenges and solutions
  • Cargo profile on the East Coast
  • Updates on Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh and immensely potential Odisha
  • Reviving hopes of resurgence at Tamil Nadu and West Bengal Ports
  • Special Business Sessions on emerging opportunities in Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh
  • Focus on Green field and Brown field projects in the hinterlands of Karnataka, Jharkhand
    and Chattisgarh